FOIA Training

Assistant to the Secretary of Defense, Privacy, Civil Liberties, and Transparency (ATSD/PCLT) offers training programs for DoD personnel who deal with FOIA and/or Privacy issues.

FOIA training is announced on this page as well as through the chain of command within the respective components. If you are interested in attending, please contact us at


DoD FOIA/Privacy Training Courses

In Person (CAC Required)

Virtual (CAC required)

  • FOIA 101

  • Training at JKO

    Joint Knowledge Online (JKO) offers two training courses. Follow these directions to access them:

    1. Log into JKO:
    2. Click on the Course Catalog tab (upper left, below JKO banner)
    3. Ensure "Prefix" indicates "All”, enter “FOIA” under “Course or Curriculum Name.” The available courses will appear under the “Individual Courses” section.
    4. Select one of the courses below and then click "Enroll".

    • DOJ Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Training for Federal Employees, Military Service Members, and Contractors. This course is for Subject Matter Experts and others who have a role in the FOIA but are not dedicated "FOIA only" employees. 

    • DOJ Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Training for Professionals. This course is for those employed in FOIA offices, and Requester Service Centers


DoJ FOIA Training Courses

Visit the DoJ OIP FOIA Training Page for available FOIA training.