Initiatives and Challenges

Flagship Initiatives

The Office of Management and Budget directed agencies to describe at least one specific new transparency, participation or collaboration initiative being implemented or planned and designate it as the Agency's Flagship Initiative. The Department of Defense is proud present two flagship initiatives which further the goals of the President's Management Agenda and the Second National Action Plan for Open Government.  Click on the links below to learn more about them.

Other Initiatives

The Learning Registry

The Learning Registry is a joint project between the U.S. Department of Education and DoD to provide an infrastructure that enables the public to discover and use the learning resources held by various federal agencies and international partners. For more information, visit


Challenges and Competitions

Challenges and competitions are high-risk, high-reward policy tools that can foster collaboration and participation in government activities through the process of co-creation. As an inducement of participation, challenges and competitions may offer a variety of “prizes”, including cash, recognition, or the deployment of a winning solution.

To get started finding challenges that interest you at Challenge.Gov, visit the Search Page or click here to find out more about DoD-related challenges.


Other DoD Innovations

Explore the Defense Innovation Marketplace, DARPA and other DoD Innovations: (DoDTechipedia, ACQuipedia,Aristotle, Wikified Army Field Guide) to learn more about the exciting programs, ideas and tools that epitomize the open government initiative call for increased transparency, participation, and collaboration.