Status of DoD Open Govenment Plan v1.1 Initiatives

Initiative Description Status
In response to public suggestions and interest, provide the data in a more accessible format in the near future. Complete
Create easier access to easy-to-digest, machine-readable, and regularly-updated contract and spending data on our website. Complete
Announce significant new updates and Data.gov releases via our Open Government e-mail list (and prominently adding a ‘subscribe’ option to the Open Government site). Complete
Update our Open Government website with an RSS feed displaying the most recent “Today in DoD” for easy access by the public. Complete
Establish an “Express Route” for Data.gov submissions of material that has already been cleared or released. Complete
Create a formal, ongoing process for reviewing and posting datasets Complete
Build upon one of the VA’s flagship initiatives Complete
Convene Working Group: May 1, 2010 Complete
Launch internal Working Group collaboration website: May 1, 2010 Complete
Promulgate Data.gov submission process: July 1, 2010 Complete
Identify first set of additional high value datasets: July 1, 2010 Complete
Identify first set of new, previously unpublished datasets: August 1, 2010 Complete
Publish the next revision of our Open Government Plan: October 1, 2010 Complete
Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record Health Communities Program:
  • Expand upon the efforts in San Diego to improve care and services to our Nation’s heroes by sharing health information using the Nationwide Health Information Network. ­
  • In the Virginia/Tidewater area of Southeastern Virginia, the two Departments will partner with private sector providers.
Continue to bring together key officials from across the Department to formalize a governance structure and create detailed procedures for an increased culture of transparency while protecting national security. Complete
Work to make the vast amounts of content more easily navigable by visitors not familiar with the complex organizational structure of the Department. Complete
Establish an internal working group with representatives from across various Components to more fully and effectively support its future participation in Data.gov specifically and Open Government in general. Complete
Assist Component roles and responsibilities in authoritative memoranda and other issuances, by building and formalizing processes and tools to accomplish activities previously described (especially those addressing data aggregation risks). Complete
Form a working group responsible for data aggregation risks before data is made publicly available. Complete
Work with VA, HHS and other federal and private sector partners to create an open-architecture, standards-based capability to bring health and benefits delivery into the 21st century. Complete
Address externally-generated data suggestions (e.g., from the public.) On-Going
Continue to update http://www.defense.gov/open with news about additions to Data.gov and other Open Government developments. On-Going
Solicit suggestions from our own internal community, which have more detailed knowledge of possible datasets than any individual or organization. On-Going
Continue to solicit and actively consider your ideas for openness and transparency at http://www.defense.gov/open. On-Going




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