Open Government Initiative
Open Government Directive


Transparency - Participation - Collaboration

On December 8, 2009, The Office of Management and Budget issued the Open Government Directive (M-10-06) which described the principles of transparency, participation, and collaboration as “the cornerstone of an open government.”

In keeping with these principles, our Open Government Plan details our approach for sharing our data more openly, engaging with the public more proactively and collaborating with all citizens. Our Open Government Plan is only of part of our approach to increase transparency and openness. We encourage you to explore other information on our website to learn more about what DoD is doing to address the principles of transparency, participation, and collaboration.

We want to specifically hear from you on how our plan can be improved, and on what data, datasets and information you want to see from DoD. We also encourage you to think of innovative ways to use the data, and will set up a Contacts page in future so you can provide us with feedback.