Department of Defense

Freedom of Information Policy

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) was created in 1966 to promote openness in the government. Since then it has been strengthened and amended. To learn more about how the Freedom of Information Act is applied in the Department of Defense (DoD), please see DoD Directive 5400.07, which establishes FOIA Policy and provides procedural guidance on the DoD FOIA Program.

The Assistant to the Secretary of Defense, Privacy, Civil Liberties, and Transparency (ATSD/PCLT), Ms. Joo Chung, is responsible for DoD Privacy Program and is the DoD Chief FOIA Officer.  The ATSD/PCLT is responsible for the formulation and implementation of Freedom of Information Act Policy for the DoD on behalf of the Secretary of Defense.

The DoD FOIA program operates under a decentralized approach. No single FOIA Requester Service Center has access to all the DoD records and information. Since the Transparency Office is a policy office, and not a FOIA Requester Service Center, you should not send a FOIA request to us. Before sending a request to a DoD Requester Service Center, check if it's online FOIA library already contains the material you need.

If you have made a FOIA request, but you disagree with the DoD's determination, you have a right to appeal. However, there are other ways to resolve any concerns you have. Please review the Complaint / Resolve a Dispute Section of the FOIA Handbook